Forkbeard Fantasy: Theatre of Animation

Forkbeard Fantasy are a British theatre company who have been creating intermedial work since 1974. Their theatre work combines animation, video, puppets, animatronics and live actors with a sense of humour reminiscent of Monty Python. They specialise in an imaginative blurring of the boundaries between what is live and what is pre-recorded using a technique that they call ‘crossing the celluloid divide’. I was fortunate enough to do residential summer school with them a few years ago and totally recommend their work!

Their latest show,  The Colour of Nonsense, is a satire on the art world and will be at the Southbank Centre from Monday 19 December 2011 – Friday 30 December 2011. Here is a review from last year. Book tickets now! Not only do they sell out fast, but this could be Forkbeard Fantasy’s last show since they lost their Arts Council Funding.

Alongside The Colour of Nonsense, the Southbank is also running a retrospective exhibition of their work, the Theatre of Animation. This is free and totally recommended.

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