For One Night Only: CHATTER Thurs 14th July

The latest version of the CHATTER project will be shown at Bar Sequence for one night only on:

6 – 11 PM THURSDAY 14th JULY
@ Bar Sequence, 43 Essex Road, London, N1 2SF

This evolving installation of animated talking heads investigates meaningless blather and the babble of crowds, reminiscent of conversations on Facebook or Twitter. Created by media artist, Birgitta Hosea, it includes crowd-sourced contributions from international artists and animators*.

Bar Sequence CHATTER invite 2011


*Isak Ãkerlund | Daniel Arce | Javier Barboza | Maliha Basak | Adriani Bastouni | Laura Cechanowicz | Lisa Chung | Chris Colman  | Cecilia De Jesus | Silvia Villar Espina | Seti Erfan | Pru Feria | FF | Safiya Greensword | Birgitta Hosea | Chen Huang | Mark Jackson | Daisy Jacobs | Miguel Jiron | Ashley Jones | Gregory Jones | Patrick Jones | Linda Jules | Amy Lee Ketchum | Brandon Lake | Hannah Lau-Walker | Karl Lawson | Yang Liu | (Emily) Chunhui Meng | Prakash Mohanty | Stefano Morandin | Louis Morton | Ourania Mourta | Rodrigo Ortiz | Eric Tortora Pato | Ignasi Pi-Sunyer | Stephan Pretorius | Silvia Sardellaro | Emma Shorey | Tom Sito | Frankie Swan | Natasha Tonkin | Jovanna Rebecca Tosello | Sam Watterson  | Josh Wedlake | Christopher Wilder | Dan Wilson | (Michelle) Hsiu-chi Yang | Krisztina Zaja | Ying Zhang

Video of First CHATTER Installation in LA, 2010

Finally, here is a video of the first version of the installation in the USC Cinematic Arts Gallery. It’s always quite hard to document video installations because of the light levels, but this gives an overall impression of the space, the different languages and accents spoken by the animated characters and of the experience of moving around the video monitors and wall projections. ‘It’s like being in a really noisy party’, said one of the attendees at the private view.