Animating Buildings

A compilation of different examples of animation projected onto the exterior of buildings.

LG Optimus Projections by Facade Mapping Image Show, Berlin, 2010

Technically extremely impressive, yet somehow vacuous, these 3D projections distort, explode and transform the Kulturbrauerei building in Berlin.


Contrex Commercial

In this commercial, female pedal power is used to generate the electricity to power a giant projection of an animated male stripper.


Hollywood in Cambodia sessions, Buenos Aires, 2007

Using the Tagtool, an instrument for drawing and animating with light in real time, artists create ephemeral graffitti out of projected light.


Shared Space and Light’s Tower of Dreams, Brighton, 2011.

Animated projections are used to activate a popular local building, which is falling into disrepair. Developed with the local community, the projections include ideas for how the building could be used in the future.

Tower of Dreams BN2 from Shared Space and Light on Vimeo.

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