How to make polite conversation

What do you say to people to pass the time of day? Do you talk about the weather? Do you ask them how they are?

Maybe you have an animated character that you have created for another project to recycle for this one?

Here are some examples of the kinds of random phrases that I have pulled out of language text books and am making my character say:

  • “I steal a few hours now and then for a good book. What do you like to do to enjoy yourself?”
  • “Seeing is believing. If your eyes are bad, you ought to have them seen to.”
  • “Don’t scratch that spot – it’ll only get worse.”
  • “The small electric motors used in vacuum cleaners, hair driers, food mixers, electric drills and so on need very little maintenance.”

Here are some websites for inspiration with your dialogue that tell you how to make polite conversation:

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